05 Sept. 27 news: about Shanghai mobile unilaterally cancel mobile monthly unlimited traffic and allow users to oppose the time yesterday evening, Shanghai which is the mobile manager on duty post Rebellion: the complaint is of no use, the monthly must stop. Please read the full text:

      this is the manager of Shanghai mobile, loyal users also thumb, these days are very depressed, have received a lot of users daily complaints, especially these days monthly Internet user complaints more, in fact, welcome you at the same time, I am also very tired, I am also the monthly users. Do this for us is not that upper layer, a privilege can be limited to the use of the service! Next month, I am also 50 megabytes of traffic, what ggtv, palm fast, and so I can not use the! Today I’m going all out of the meeting to tell everybody content! The complaint is of no use, the move to cancel the subscription, which is superior to move about who is superior acquiescence, the more I do not say, finally, in June 27th, Beijing Sichuan, Shandong and other parts of the country will cancel the subscription! Don’t ask 10086, they don’t know! I am the vest, because I am afraid to disclose internal message by mobile survey! So please forgive me, I can not send large!

        about the authenticity of conjecture this post, I think it is quite true, because yesterday mobile customers call me specifically asked if I cancel the monthly cmwap things, at the same time in many forums to see a large number of users of " " beat up; China Mobile customer service phone, a large number of user complaints and, let’s resist radical language mobile customer who can barely stand, yesterday that customer service is very excited, speak very quickly, say the difficulties of

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