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FT Chinese network (FTChinese.com) aims to provide Chinese business people and policy makers from the Times (Financial) authoritative global financial news, analysis and commentary. The article provides a wide range of business, financial and economic fields, most of which are published by the Financial Times published on the same day, the rest of the original FT Chinese network reporter. FT Chinese network by the British Financial Times Group publishing.

the British "Financial Times" is the leading global financial newspaper, the United States, Britain, Europe and Asia four printed version of a total of more than Bailiushiwan readers, and its main site FT.com has up to three million and nine hundred thousand monthly online readers. In a recent survey of global opinion leaders from Internationale, a research firm based in Zurich, Switzerland, the FT was named the best newspaper in the world by the financial times (Medienhilfe).

valid registration: 3 yuan /

data 7 days return

put on site requirements: finance, IT, fashion, current events and other related websites.

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