a lot of fast company is not in the early morning of entrepreneurship, but died of the rapid development of the noon.

the world of martial arts, but not fast breaking.

this sentence because Lei Jun continues to cite many entrepreneurs being chased and recognized. Indeed, for the emerging Internet industry such as if, and large companies and not well quickly onrush, is actually a kind of risk. Lei Jun’s most successful angel investment is one of the projects, play the game network CEO Li Xueling also wrote on micro-blog: "the entrepreneur should have a growth of ten times a year or the courage, but also create what the industry." A remark, flashing ten times the survival of entrepreneurial wisdom.

but it’s an interesting topic not just to ask for a quick success. In my opinion, the following four conditions will More haste, less speed., even so many companies early end.

first: follow the trend of fast

players involved in the game actually has no choice: if you do not fast, the moment was more than opponents.

Chinese Internet has always been the western learning, is always C2C Copy to China: portal learned from YAHOO, Taobao copy eBay, Jingdong at Amazon, Baidu claimed to be China Google, Tencent headed products QQ first name is OICQ, a direct tribute to ICQ, and all that is China Youku will most probably it did not actually happen the Facebook and Youtube in the American capital market.

has so many example inspired the company’s line, China Internet entrepreneurs are consciously the first time "to learn", or even directly copy the latest business model in the United States: video fire, 3000; group purchase fire, thousands of war; Color into a high price, the Chinese in Pinterest; red hot so, a website falls flow; Path fire, and claimed to be Chinese Path everywhere???


like a swarm of bees.

in this case, the players involved in the game actually has no choice: must be fast, if you are unhappy, the moment was over the opponent. But miserable is that this kind of game is actually only a few game player, only the top three companies have high probability of being the capital of fancy, packaging market; the other is fast, either on the way or automatic winding, or run out of ammunition and food supplies, final sale.

this game is not everyone can afford to play. Wang Mei Group is recognized as a new generation of entrepreneurial standard bearer, the U.S. group also considered the most sustained growth of the group purchase company, but before the founder of the U.S. delegation, Wang Xing had founded school, haineiduo company, are sold to end. In order to buy, for example, the most sad Mo Mo Bao bao. Although the current CEO still Ren Chunlei with a never give up the entrepreneur image in front of the public, but from the registered Groupon.cn domain name, Grou>

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