wrote a few words before the ink, indeed, how long did not open the blog, every day visitors about less than 200IP, no one from the search traffic, I know your writing is stamp, after all, the level is limited, some things to write out a lot of people don’t understand, I hope you can understand after reading this blog, I would never have any advertising, I also did not expect this blog to make money, I only hope to make more friends through this blog, not ink, said today: Liu Erchuang: fast month earned 1W yuan – change your wrong thinking, recently has been writing new ideas Wangzhuan the article, if there is anything wrong and suggestions, welcome message or add my QQ contact.

a lot of truth we all understand, but did not do, why?

network is good, the reality is good, want to make money, technology is not important, perhaps you can only make a living technology, the implementation is not the most important, perhaps you go to a wrong side to perform. Technology can only change the well-being of the moment, the implementation can only make themselves more tired, and thinking can change a person’s happiness.

has many friends and my friends directly asked: "what is the good of the project?" first, I can answer you, OK, but I did not tell them why? The first asked me if a friend thinking is wrong, there is a saying: "there is no free lunch" on the first day, you and others friends didn’t introduce myself I think is wrong, because I do not know the general and friends will introduce myself, and your mouth is, you give others what others say to you? Why? Let go, even if others tell you, you can do? You do? Do you know how to do


do not say others, for me, I used to own a lot of thinking is wrong before, learn what, always feel what I will learn what fun, but finally found himself without a single success, then slowly learned what to learn, what things should not learn, what to learn useful, learn what is white, now I do not do, do I have to touch, when it is still not as good as they go out for a walk. Wangzhuan inside the classic sentence: "a master can put a dead project work", which refers to the master is not the technology is not bad, the execution of the cattle X, but the thinking mode of the right people, was to carry out the results.

a person’s thinking is not innate, but the change is released on the basis of life and the change of character change, as I used to say: "I was born this long bitch, sometimes half who can change the thinking of some people, some is no way to change, can really change his own, want to change your thinking is nothing more than a few words:

1: the sky will not fall pie, there is no good free things, if one day you find that you picked up the pie, then I want to say: "you leave

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