in October 15, 2011, to win the era of "Sun Guanghua" e-commerce conference, the Chinese SEO legend Zac Zan Hui presided over the two sides of the four SEO Summit Forum, the forum he SEOER how to find the trick to do CPS games expressed their views.

Zac Zan Hui believes that gold digging in the network, just a few simple steps, first is the product of second is the flow, third will flow into paying. And SEO in addition to the first can not be resolved, as long as the method is right, SEO can easily make you achieve a breakthrough in the CPS, so as to increase revenue.

first: product selection is very important. This problem is the need to solve their own line, SEOER can be based on the characteristics of their own website for product selection. Product selection is good, according to the audience of the product targeted to do traffic. Flow related to your final revenue, so it is also the most important node to do CPS.

second: traffic is the most important link. How to do traffic, it is only two words: to persist. But there is a breakthrough in methodology.

is the first key words in the operation of the major brands of keywords are generally popular, ordinary small sites simply can not do the forefront. But this is not to say that no chance, where the customer as an example, it mainly sell clothing, if you can put some clothes with the long tail keywords do up, so naturally there will be traffic. Such as "wear clothes with" "clothes match" "autumn wear what clothes" and so on words.

is another search engine related tools. In the case of Baidu, such as Baidu, Baidu, Baidu Post Bar quiz library and so on were all used up, in the course of the actual operation of the process to go, can not simply copy and paste, so as not to let advertising is so stiff. In addition, forum, blog, micro-blog and Douding, watercress etc can make good use of these tools for as long as one, can bring a lot of traffic.

third: how to convert the flow of revenue to the top of the top in the flow conversion can not be above one hundred percent, so be patient, and then pay attention to detail. Details such as website. Set in neat interface, advertising position of deep fine work, not too abrupt interface. The best way is to cottage, if you sell Dangdang advertising, then you put your website page with Dangdang unified style. In the site with color, buttons and other details to imitate, allowing users to have a sense of intimacy, intimacy.

finally Zac Zan Hui hope more players to gain experience, practical exploration, recently held duhugu CPS contest is a good opportunity for the station and SEOER to participate in the competition, get a commission to win prizes by combat.

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