Adsense station goal is clear is the key to success!

we advocate before doing personal website to understand the boundaries of personal websites and commercial websites, you will be able to do in the personal website to avoid detours and a lot of trouble.

The fundamental difference between

‘s personal web site and its business website is: do you want to make money from it?

back then personal website day discussion raging like a storm, the most is: whether personal website commercialized?

a lot of personal web site at the beginning of a very small, but more and more famous, but faced with an embarrassing situation, that is not to commercialize?

because the site is bigger and bigger, take up more and more resources, maintenance costs continue to rise, this time, naive shouting we will hold pure or to raise money is not to solve the problem. As a webmaster, I suggest that you should be clear at the beginning.

with more information, please pay attention to the webmaster network  webmaster interactive information network

next notice   commercial website is a commercial reprint please indicate the connection of the two sites, thank you with

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