11 last year, I wrote an article called "the first choice of two is a road to Serfdom", also triggered some discussion of the industry. But this year I have been thinking, is it possible that one day we can slowly weaken the artificial Festival this year, because every year 11 of both have caused a lot of waste of social resources, the user experience is not good.

foreign retail sales in the fourth quarter is the peak, because there are reasons for christmas. But we Chinese New Year is not in November, this is entirely artificial shopping spree. In fact, the shopping spree itself is not bad, but if it is caused by a huge waste of social resources, businesses have a lot of inventory this consequence is debatable. This is the electricity supplier to do this thing for businesses and customers to create more value in these years of experience, if you can not give the whole ecosystem to create real value, then there is no sense of pure promotion.

we have been exploring one thing: what kind of transaction is needed in this era. What is this transaction in the end, can be this generation of young people and the community of the people of this generation with the times acceptable.

we want to make a temperature trading, there are several layers of temperature trading meaning.

the first hope shopping itself should be a natural process, whenever and wherever possible process, shopping path is divided into several categories, such as: targeted search of a thing, for example, to buy relatively standard goods especially good shopping experience is probably going to Jingdong mall, shopping search brings experience is accompanied by the birth of the center of the entrance. From a particularly good product experience. In addition to standard goods, we hope to have a variety of snacks to eat, clothes can be bought, and we hope that the owner is a communication, this communication can bring to customer retention, can bring the true temperature. Mobile era, social products to solve the need to face to face communication problems. Bring the temperature, at the same time know the source of the entire social tools, such as WeChat, QQ a variety of chat tools.

one of my friends said a particularly interesting thing: he has been running to eat protein powder, the original Jingdong to buy, buy Taobao business, but now have to sell protein powder sea purchased businesses is also WeChat merchants, there are stores in the pat, he can chat through the communication tools of WeChat at any time, businesses say that eat protein powder should be how to eat, how to run better muscle, through emotional communication, after one or two months is not finished this to send a. This side of the chat shopping experience, it may be later in the next life more scenes need to use.

we call it a shopping anytime, anywhere, that is to say, more academic argument is to center shopping. Go to the shopping center on the way we are exploring, we found the first one with lots of human and second does bring convenience to people, businesses can find this whenever and wherever possible, also know something from what place, customer service problems are easy to find.

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