Deng Jinhong not tall wearing a T-shirt to geeks park a face to be honest, we usually work clothes than the more casual. In the fields to help the farmers to move pigs, teach farmers how to use mobile phone App, to help farmers picking vegetables…… An acre of these things down to earth field have done, so he said he is sticking mud electric company, now the audience is not surprising.

is from a project of large companies access to the vast rural areas to resolve home, hard business, an acre of land experienced a 2000 fold increase in 1 years, "you know, the food you eat every day 20% is probably an acre of land provided in the industry." Treason in this forum, Deng Jinhong naturally attracted the attention of the share.

according to an acre of land in 2015 founder Deng Jinhong geeks Park singularities innovators summit "industry forum speech" closed rebellion finishing.

why do acres of farmland

how do we define ourselves now we are focused on agricultural commodities trading platform B2B. Our staff help farmers to pick vegetables, to help him installed after weighing, farmers pull it to our cart, this is our true and complete bulk trading business.

we have uniform green uniforms in the fields, the male is big shorts, because the hot, dirty live dry, slightly pit a rural road is easy to get dirty, and so there is no wear, wear shorts. Our employees are basically every day at four o’clock in the morning and began to work in the market, the day to farmers to tutor their how to use your App, looking for business opportunities, and even help them to put them up, this is a very typical form of our work. We don’t work in the office, we run all day in the countryside.

before someone asked me why I came to do this thing, I spent six years in Baidu, in 2006 to join Baidu, is a technical background, in 2009 is a very important node. At that time, a Baidu boss gave me a public interest in the work of information.

2009 Baidu web search in rural areas, it is likely to search results. So I set up a project team, with two interns, basically spent a year, ran the seven provinces, nearly more than and 100 villages. I took some college students to participate in the activities of the village of Baidu, a village to teach farmers to use a PC Baidu encyclopedia, to send their own information to Baidu, through our promotion, the more than and 60 tons of pepper sold. Now the work of an acre of land, at the same time, are very heavy model, has a very strong line of the team.

dry for two years of information, I think it is relatively simple, Baidu is relatively light assets of the company, I suggest that we can not do this service, the boss said or do light assets >

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