to "Internet plus" as the core of the electronic commerce has become a national strategic focus, and cross-border e-commerce is regarded as the new engine of China’s foreign trade transformation and upgrading. Authoritative data Accenture report predicts: 2020 global cross-border electricity supplier B2C transactions will reach $994 billion (about 6 trillion and 170 billion yuan), China is expected to become the world’s largest cross-border B2C consumer market. At present, cross-border electricity has become the biggest new blue ocean, has become a hot market for electricity supplier berserk.


, Guangzhou customs pilot cross-border trade of e-commerce in key reform projects, since 2013, the General Administration of customs and the support of the Guangzhou municipal government, have launched a cross-border e-commerce retail outlet, online shopping bonded direct purchase of imports, import and pilot operations. Participate in the pilot enterprises, including electricity providers, logistics, payment of a number of well-known domestic enterprises, as of August 2015, Guangzhou customs cross-border e-commerce business record payment list has 28. Guangzhou, the first payment of the smooth payment of the first cross-border trade e-commerce record payment companies, and has docking customs system. The latest cross-border electricity supplier one-stop service platform, designed to create a new cross-border electricity supplier ecological chain, for the electricity supplier platform to grab cross-border electricity supplier blue ocean.


cross-border electricity supplier one-stop service platform is a business enterprise, pay three-in-one enterprises and logistics enterprises, comprehensive cooperation, to provide one-stop services for all businesses in the supply chain including: cross-border procurement and cross-border capital settlement, bonded warehousing, business platform, electronic business platform, logistics, customs clearance management of supply chain financing big data and marketing and other services. After the completion of the Guangzhou customs system and Guangzhou easy ticket technology docking, the latter provides a series of service support for cross-border electricity supplier supply chain related enterprises. Includes:

1, cross-border e-commerce business filing application. To carry out the filing procedures for e-commerce business, access to the customs clearance service system for the record of the enterprise number or code.

note: foreign cross-border electricity supplier platform must be authorized to have a record of domestic logistics companies to assist its application for record number.

2, cross-border procurement payment services. Global purchasing card binding domestic bank accounts, the world’s easy to secure payment of loans; RMB cross-border settlement platform, Global trade loans online exchange rate.

3, bonded warehousing. Delivery to the domestic bonded warehouse, goods can be secured by credit.

4, order payment and electronic clearance. Online payment, the payment form to be sent to the customs system, collaborative orders, logistics single three single fast customs clearance.

5, customs declaration, customs clearance and tax payment. Bonded warehouse (logistics company) to provide import customs clearance, customs clearance and tax services.

6, the domestic logistics delivery. Bonded warehouse (logistics company) delivers goods directly to consumers.

7, offline experience store. Cross-border electronic business platform O2O line >

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