2009, the online game vane point to the web game. If you have planted vegetables in the "happy farm", if you’re not in "the legend of martial arts" in 2 as heroes, if you hadn’t played in the city "the silk road hero", then you definitely OUT. In the 365 days of the year, web games continue to occupy our leisure life on the internet. Bring us happiness, also let us sad. Among the many web games, which is the most characteristic of the most loved and loved? Let’s take inventory of your web games.

1. martial arts legend 2

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" the legend of martial arts is the "legend" sequel series, the industry has been assessed as the most mature RPG web games. As the 51wan two anniversary tribute masterpiece, with a new picture of the game, epic story background, free form artifact system, universal personal home four characteristics such as to show you a more and more Chinese martial arts web game. Since its inception, well received by players and professional unions and sought after. Beta less than four months, more than ten million registered users, and online active users reached 300 thousand, is worthy of this year’s red large price.

2. silk road hero

"the silk road hero" is a Han Dynasty period, based on the exploration of Western and Northern Huns, realize national Datong as the background of the real time strategy game ". Strong interaction is one of the characteristics of the game, including trade, war, heroes, exchanges, etc.. As a Tencent launched the first "game," the silk road hero "by game player and media attention, and vigorously promote and by the QQ client, more than 2 million active users, while the number of active users reached 18, this year is also a profound impact on the web game.

3. blood three

"warm blooded Three Kingdoms" is a Three Kingdoms background network instant strategy game. It uses the new flash web technology, in the IE browser to enter the game site, you can play the game. "Blood Three" has far more than the same kind of game exquisite picture, a huge complex strategic system and unparalleled gameplay, is the pinnacle of strategic games. With a wide range of controversial "harassment" MSN invitation, registered users exceeded forty million, while the number of online users reached 600 thousand, but the user group is not stable. Of course, on the whole, the blood of the three countries is still very deep in our work and life.

4. Pocket ELF 2

pocket wizard 2 is a very cute pet web games, cute pets, a variety of pet training, as long as you can open the web and beloved pet side by side. The game provides players with hundreds of cute pets, players can lead the pet to adventure around, while pets can also be synthesized evolution, so that players can also have a few cute pets. Since the beta, students off, currently has developed mobile phone version. "Pokemon" players are more likely to be female and male players are rare

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