how to promote Taobao shop, many sellers have to face this problem, and most think they do not good enough.

Taobao promotion there are several common ways: Title Optimization, single brush, on the campaign, through train, etc.. Why do we do this because we are in use, and we are all very good, since it is good, then I go to find other ways to promote their own time is not wasted


think this is normal, at the same time, you have to know, since we all agree that the method, the competition will be great. For example, the train offers, now some categories click is a few dollars, so the cost of oil, for many small sellers, it is powerless.

for the situation of competition, how should we do before Li Leiting said, since the product can be differentiated, the flow can also be differentiated. Li Leiting to provide their own two to find the flow of the method for your reference.

first: become an expert (ability differentiation)

The benefits of

becoming an expert should be self-evident. We’ve all heard about the 80/20 rule, and most of the resources are in the hands of a small group of people. For example, you search the rules of Taobao’s more in-depth study, in a short time, so that their baby ranked in the home page. Know daily traffic flow in about 30 million a day, then you row to the first page, you can get more traffic. For the choice of the title and the seller will not operate, it is possible that he did not even eat rice Taobao do.

how to become an expert can participate in some training, buy some information to learn, or in some way, so that the master is willing to spend time on you, willing to guide you.

second: choose popular promotion (promotion difference)

since a lot of people are using the common promotion, and you do but competitors, then you can choose some popular ways. For example, you do Title Optimization, you will not choose, also do not know how to mix into the title, sales are more than and 100, every day from Taobao natural search to bring traffic but only dozens, then you can just pop up WeChat, the famous case is Ma Jiajia through WeChat, created in the 30 days fifty thousand or sixty thousand of the profits. Now many people do QQ group advertising is rotten, but few people is through cooperation with QQ group, you can do so.

how to find popular promotion way? This to you see someone else’s post, pay attention to people’s advertising, you will certainly find someone that we rarely use the way in the promotion, so you can follow his model to promote your products.

at the end of the day, what is popular is the master, master of information people know more than you.

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