October 10th, Taobao mall issued new regulations, Taobao mall facing the seller mall and fees will increase the number of times the cost pressures, caused the small and medium-sized enterprises create a great sensation sellers "network siege" Taobao mall incident. Although the Ministry of Commerce in between both sides made some concessions, Taobao alliance will no longer attack temporarily to quell the storm.


diandaqike, xiemoshalv suspected the incident Taobao mall, the small and medium-sized enterprise sellers in e-commerce operation side costs surge, face or bite support, or lack of support, out of the dilemma and, in this case, to make this move Shishuwunai, worthy of our consideration.

independent station high cost

reflect on the Taobao mall price move, the cost is actually one of several major weakness of e-commerce of small and medium-sized enterprises touched on the road. Small and medium-sized enterprises chose the third party e-commerce platform such as Taobao mall settled, it is because the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises at the beginning of the electronic commerce, if the choice of independent station independent operation, will face the construction cost, maintenance cost, purchase cost flow and a series of lead to the problem of high cost.

independent station of the complex link consumes small and medium enterprises limited financial resources. Once in the electronic commerce customer ebdoor held a sharing session, he heard more than once similar business owners complained: "we registered the domain name in the A company, B company bought space and mailboxes, looking for C company to do a website, today in D company. As a result, a loop down, contact a lot of service units. Network marketing to do more and more worried about the problem, the more worried about the problem of run out, really don’t worry."

not only that small and medium-sized enterprises, the establishment of the independent distress is multiple, domain name registration, virtual hosting, purchase mailbox, website construction of each link is requires a huge amount of money, a few million, as many as hundreds of thousands. From the perspective of e-commerce, small and medium-sized enterprise website construction mainly serve the marketing target, as long as the enterprise products and services introduced clearly, to provide effective and efficient business contact process can be transformed, and does not need to be a waste of limited funds in fancy interface and complex function.

independent station’s high maintenance costs waste of small and medium enterprises greater energy. "Too annoying, last year I registered website domain name expires this year, forgot to renew was registered, the company has done a lot of website promotion, now nothing!" "our website can’t open every two or three days is said to have quality problems, the web space, although only a few hundred pieces, but no good cheap goods, delay me how many things!" the independent station maintenance complaints sound can be heard without end problem, uneven due to the small and medium-sized enterprises on the level of awareness of electronic commerce, the independent station equipped with specialized technical personnel more out of the question, once the establishment of the independent which part of a problem, can only resort to the decentralized services operator, which caused the time and communication the cost of loss in the invisible.


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