speed transit network August 12th news, micro-blog and Sina in taobao.com SF preferred beans fruit net today held a "2013 energy-saving strategy conference, the two sides will expand the future delicacy class, recommended recipes, delicacy culture sharing and other cooperation. SF preferred marketing director Yang Jun said: "the preferred product page will add bean fruit recipes, beans fruit ingredients and recipes page links to purchase the preferred increase".


SF preferred marketing director Yang Jun (right) and bean fruit network vice president Hong Zhu together

Yang Jun said the two sides will also try to carry out in-depth cooperation with professional nutritionists, allowing users to enjoy the purchase, sharing, health consulting one-stop professional services.

before the SF preferred beans fruit network has launched a number of cooperation, vice president Hong Zhu bean fruit net introduces the content of cooperation between the two sides, SF preferred wrapped with gift beans fruit recipes, cooking recipes for each user can refer to the dishes while buying food delicacy; Cheng Peixun class users from online to offline; the user can direct the other landing platform through their own account, Hong Zhu said.

SF preferred positioning in the global online shopping platform to share and delicacy delicacy culture, delicacy in the sale of goods at the same time, also hope that the vivid delicacy culture communication professional and healthy quality of life attitude. At present, SF preferred global distribution scale, more than 70% of imported delicacy, but also to create a special delicacy culture plate – the preferred share taste, let users rest assured enjoy delicacy food healthy and delicious, and the bean fruit net cooperation will further deepen the concept of item.

is the preferred SF electricity supplier in the first such cross vendor website, the hand bean fruit net, is also the value of its leading position in the field of delicacy of the share.

beans fruit net is the first interactive community discovery, sharing, communication, provide a variety of delicacy pictures, recipes Daquan, favorite delicacy, the love life of the people with a cooking show, delicacy, share learning platform. (the Yellow River)

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