wool off has become an alternative investor P2P net loan industry. A lot of P2P investment QQ group, often flashing "Lu wool" information. For example, little search property investment 75 yuan for 30 days with 10 line 35 to stand back, Lego box cast 100 Yuan Lu 28 15 days with 8 stand back, the second card credit card 0 line 5+8 to stand back, for financial investment 100 yuan for 30 days with 30 stand back to $10……


line was "wool", pull out the wool is a kind of opportunistic behavior, refers to Zhanxiaopianyi meaning. In the application of network P2P platform on the line that the wool wool off mainly refers to a variety of promotions specifically to participate in the platform, in order to earn a small reward investors. Wool off as a net loan sector guerrilla team, although in a single platform to get very little reward, but because the industry platform base, still can get a lot of revenue.

new platform is often regarded as "wool rich". According to net loan home data show that in 2014 net loan market turnover has reached 180 billion yuan, compared to more than doubled in 2013, the number of platforms more than 1500, compared to the number of the year in 2013, the number of turn over two times. 2014 net loan platform to accelerate the speed of the new wool team growing, frequent activities have aroused the attention of industry practitioners.

what do you think of


for the platform, the wool should be lovely and hateful. On the one hand, after the launch of the new platform activities, will usher in a number of wool passenger concerns, can improve the platform’s activity in a short time. But on the other hand, go wool off line on the platform, short residence time, not to mention there are two possible investment; some wool off but also borrows several identity cards, mobile phone number, a person to register several accounts; this is clearly contrary to the original intention of the platform, the platform is only spent big price to buy a bunch of the sleeping user data.

for investors, wool should be welcome. Although some of the platform disguised as a wool vest off, bring the investment risk to investors; but most wool off credibility is still relatively high. As an active member of the P2P net loan industry, in addition to wool off the delivery of the latest award information, or a platform of the touchstone. Wool off as a group of people to eat crabs, to stop and wait for investors to provide a reliable reference information.

the risk of


, a platform on

is the platform of anti rolling is the first case is promising to account platform. For example, the name of a number of platforms registered account to send cash prizes to attract users, but the actual operation needs to invest a sum of money to return.

second is not up to the sheep wool, but ran away. 2014 P2P platform running a high incidence of foot, running speed is to refresh the record. According to the China network statistics show that constant gold loan, Longhua loans, Fu Xiang venture, Zhou Tao wealth, Rong Jin venture capital, one yuan venture capital is on the line within three days on foot platform. These platforms >

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