Business Daily News (reporter Wang Cuiyi) so many courier companies quite a headache problem of distribution time, being easily resolved by the first courier.

reporter found yesterday, some courier distribution when wearing a different company overalls, and distribution of multiple companies express. According to the courier said, usually need to deliver one day express, string after half a day to complete. Although this spontaneous behavior is not regulated, but most of the courier companies are acquiescence. Customer express also faces risks.

in the vicinity of the revival of South Tongzhou District, there will always be couriers string". Reporters saw, when receiving express, some courier one person 2-3 delivery of different companies express. Moreover, some will be equipped with other courier companies. Reporters have also seen, in the distribution of other companies express, courier will be the appropriate company’s overalls on the outside, and some courier will be around the waist to do the work.

reporter from a regular string of courier department was informed that, due to the number of courier companies outlets high repetition, and peers often meet. Familiar with each other, in order to speed up the efficiency of delivery, they began to cope with the increasing volume of shipment in a cooperative way, "we will go to a local daily set, in accordance with the residential express distribution, a person responsible for the delivery of one or several small". He said that in the case of roughly the same workload, string, and sometimes run a day of work on the basic completion.

in fact, although the string does not meet the requirements of courier companies, but it is a reasonable measure in the market competitive environment. In the industry view, each courier is responsible for the uneven volume of the region, relying on a person’s delivery time consuming. In order to improve efficiency, couriers have been trying to approach, but practice down, or string effective.

however, this model, after all, reasonable non-compliance, there are certain risks. For example, express the responsibility of the problem identified.

industry believes that from the point of view of the benign development of the industry, the courier company should still be through innovative models, fundamentally solve the problem of distribution.

at present, the courier company is also trying a reasonable string model. In December last year, the Municipal Commission of Commerce and Courier Association launched the city logistics joint distribution pilot project to explore the feasibility of joint distribution. The day before, the Alibaba has in the newly built University Campus small post office ", to provide express transceiver, from mentioning the service, by the business enterprise to solve the distribution problem, the success to break the deadlock, still need to pass the test of time and the market.

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