was worried about the return to spend a freight, then the return shipping insurance; that express the way damaged goods, hence the "logistics Breakage"; worry to buy counterfeit goods, hence the "authentic guarantee insurance"; that just bought the price, so the price paid to buy expensive insurance tube"…… Business competition spawned a series of new insurance products, the purpose is to give consumers more confidence to buy buy buy". But when it comes to the need for insurance, not every kind of insurance can easily compensate lose".

to genuine insurance, for example, the electricity supplier commitment, if consumers buy fake, will be unconditional return, refund and get 4 times compensation. It is beautiful, but really encounter fake, want to take money for compensation is not easy.


part of the shop do not know what is genuine risk

this year "double 11" since, Tmall and Chinese ant payment service, insurance, casualty insurance insurance company launched the "Tmall genuine insurance", from the store free of charge to the consumer. This is Tmall launched in 2012, return shipping insurance, once again upgrade consumer protection.

According to Tmall’s

commitment, such as consumers that buy from Tmall on the goods are counterfeit brands, can be launched for businesses in Tmall rights within the specified period, if the identification results of goods for the fake brand, by the people’s insurance compensation, the amount of the actual payment of goods buyers price 4 times. Prior to Tmall’s release of information shows that in the double 11 during the launch of genuine insurance covers all the goods sold on the platform.

"I heard it, but I didn’t see it." Online shopping Master Miss Fang said, "double 11" during her next ten single from Tmall, can not see the genuine Insurance Tips in the order page, shipping insurance will separate out the line, tell me how much money has come into force and compensation." Even if the payment order has been opened, you can not find traces of the existence of genuine insurance. Only after the opening of the after-sales service, I want to return, in order to find the last item in the drop-down menu fake brand, which is the real entrance of genuine insurance.

The reporter opens a number of Tmall

shop page, now more popular fox backpack, German Chamomile cream and a variety of Tmall international goods are genuine security print tips, but a "happy shopping store" shop sales of Nike shoes, Adidas sports pants and other goods page this is not a mark. Reporters asked the store customer service how to buy genuine insurance, customer service said, never heard of this insurance, but stressed that our home to ensure genuine, fake a compensable ten".


single handedly is difficult to get the evidence

to find the entrance, how to prove that buy goods are fake? Tmall rules show that no matter in the "sale transaction" or "customer service" link, if consumers have to doubt the authenticity of goods, can be submitted through the online application rights > page

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