quality of service network, today is the 08 year in March 5th, one of my domain name to renew, but I have no nets of ID, only a domain name, the agents do not know that, when I do nothing to me this behind a turn a stick, which people are very enthusiastic, not a few minutes will give me a message, said to find the domain name service provider.

                so I found a million net because this domain name is acting out. I find all the website contact with a connection answer, I went in after I registered members, I put my message to the customer service problems.

              after about 1 hours, the customer service phone contact me. And how can I renew the guidelines. 5:30 in the afternoon. I managed to succeed.

domain renewal

            what is the reason why I write this article? What its purpose is. I just want to tell you. No matter what. The service attitude must be better. Be patient guidance of your customers. In this way, your company or product will soon be declared out the so-called human transmission, more attractive than advertising. More practical, faster.

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