original title: platform to the left, right to the chain in the swing

since Dangdang announced and shop No. 1, "Dahuo" settled, has been more than a month, so far, 1 stores still have not given in the home "book" entrance. At the same time, before the allies, the United States, music Amoy has disappeared from dangdang.

after 9 quarters of losses, Dangdang in the 2013 fourth quarter earnings. However, at this time, Dangdang has become increasingly tangled, on the one hand unwilling to become a network of books chain, and actively expand the category, pull other vertical electricity providers to share the flow of Dangdang platform. On the other hand, want to good advantage of category alliance, taking the whole network strategy, will take the initiative to enter Tmall books and other platforms, but the master flow scattered out. In February this year, Dangdang Alexa global ranking had slipped to 4000 away.

to the left, the electronic business platform; right, online book store chain. In the middle is a contradiction.

settled Shop No. 1 affordable limited

a month ago, on March 5th, Dangdang, shop No. 1 high-profile hand in hand to announce the other open platform. Dangdang cross settled once again become the focus of attention.

in recent years, Dangdang and other electricity providers settled in each other’s way, showing great enthusiasm. In addition to the nearest shop No. 1, Dangdang and had a similar category in cooperation and Tmall, brewmaster network, music Amoy network, lefeng.com etc..

in the lively ceremony, Dangdang, shop No. 1, said the powerful combination". But specific to the way of cooperation, the Beijing News reporter was found in the shop No. 1 platform, Dangdang compared to other book publishers did not enjoy special privileges.

in the home of all the goods in the shop 1 Classification, has not yet appeared with the book or Dangdang entrance. This means that unless the user actively search the title, it is not able to be guided to buy Dangdang books.

Beijing News reporter in the shop No. 1 search a number of different categories of books, the results show that the first row are not dangdang. Most of the time, Dangdang even ranked in the last supplier.

this, shop 1, the relevant responsible person said, the two sides are still further integration". In accordance with the interpretation of the 1 shop, consumers will generally be subject to the purchase of books by the title of the search, with the purpose of. Because of the special attributes of the book category, more users will be directly through the search to reach the flagship store in Dangdang shop 1 home page or product details page."

why did not give Dangdang special recommendation book number 1 store official said, as for all businesses, in order to ensure the fairness of the search results, will not deliberately change the search rankings.

that is, Dangdang settled in shop No. 1, did not get the entrance of the home page, and does not occupy the search advantage. Get the benefits really limited.

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