In November 11th,

also called Double 11, there is a call day. Before November 11th of each year come, various e-commerce sites have played cards, unwilling to remain out of the limelight, preferential price war. I have a colleague keen on online shopping, since there are concessions naturally have to join the fun, a few days ago has been set up on the Internet a suit, really quite favorable – hit seventy percent off. But this is not equal to be able to buy a hand, listen to him must also be in November 11th after the eleven point to pay, if the time can not pay, not to the same goods.


let’s analyze, since want to engage in concessions, early and late sell sell are sold, according to common sense, if the customer orders, early shot is the hard truth, why do you have to wait until the 11 day can pay


the author is engaged in network marketing planning, so it is very sensitive to this kind of practice, the first feeling is my colleague is likely to buy, this is like buying lottery, the odds of winning the lottery than just a bit too large. Let’s say it’s going to be a big prize but it’s hard for you.

wrote that someone may ask: since it can not be cashed, why do you want to give customers such a commitment?

here I tell you one, who said they did not honor? Just no round you! Two, this is the reason that the deeper the propaganda gimmick to promote their own! Is every company planning department or the marketing department often do, including my own in this dry, you should understand. The greater the blowing, blowing the more no edge can not get the attention of everyone, thereby increasing exposure. I took a look at the mall micro-blog reprint, up to one million, one can imagine, only to save him a lot of advertising costs.

Chinese business can go now is not easy, the network itself is a virtual world, to get everyone’s trust is a long process, I think since users have to you can trust, so that some users are probably your loyal customers, but you do not hurt people the heart of the


our company is also selling products, executive CEOs often teach us: it is necessary to do, not only to do but also to do a good job. Although very simple very simple, but how many companies can really do?

wrote in the end:

business after all these years of groundless talk came is not very easy, or that sentence, must do credit and keep promise, words such as spilled water, not to hurt the heart of the Internet, we work together to create a harmonious business environment.

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