07 years in March 8th, the Chinese.HK domain name registration. Since then, the major radio stations, television stations and major newspapers and magazines in Hongkong can continue to report Chinese.HK, the intensity of propaganda unprecedented. Guangdong and Hongkong are closely related to the Pan Pearl River Delta region and the entire province have access to this information in a timely manner, and aroused widespread concern. It is understood that since the Chinese.HK open registration, the mainland of Guangdong province accounted for the majority of registration.

  Guangdong and Hongkong are closely related to geographical location, language environment, economic and trade. According to statistics, Hong Kong and Macao in Guangdong direct investment of about $90 billion, accounting for more than 70% of total foreign investment in Guangdong. The economic and trade cooperation between Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macao not only have very good cooperation in the field of production and processing trade, investment, transportation, communications, technology, services, real estate, tourism, and large-scale infrastructure construction have extensive cooperation. This time, the Chinese.HK domain name open registration of Guangdong enterprises attach great importance to the majority of registered volume, it is not surprising. It is understood that in the mainland, the only access to the Chinese.HK registered service qualifications Internet Era (www.now.cn) headquarters is located in Guangdong, Zhuhai.

  it is reported that the Chinese.HK domain name is a Chinese domain name with Hongkong characteristics, is to adapt to the tide of Chinese Internet launched. There are seven kinds of domain names: Chinese domain name, company.Hk, education.Hk, government.Hk, personal.Hk, network.Hk, organization.Hk and.Hk. The community attaches great importance to the Chinese.HK domain name, health care products, lighting, flowers, tea, cigarettes, furniture and other industries of the Chinese.HK has been registered in Donghua hospitals, the famous Hongkong charity in order to protect their brand, a one-time more than and 10 Chinese.HK domain names and their related registration under all.

  popularity of Chinese.HK is also related to its own important value. It is Hongkong’s unique Chinese network logo, with it has a unique identity of Hongkong. It consists of Chinese characters, easy to remember, rich. If the enterprise related brands and products under the note, the customer simply enter the relevant Chinese can be directly to the designated website, more conducive to business promotion. Haier, Lenovo, University of Hong Kong, Li Jiacheng, such as a large number of Chinese.HK domain names are registered; even Coca Cola, McDonald’s, HP, Disney and other multinational companies are also the first time to register the Chinese.HK domain name.

  according to the age of the business person in charge, the first day of the opening of the Chinese.HK, due to the surge in the number of registration, there has been a short query delay problem. In the register, Guangdong enterprises accounted for the majority of other areas such as Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang and other more Hong Kong or Hongkong have registered in close contact with the city also accounted for a certain proportion. According to industry experts, the Chinese.HK just opened soon, with the Chinese.HK domain name propaganda efforts to increase the intensity of the enterprise and Chinese incense >

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