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electricity supplier giant Jingdong sent the mascot for the dog, once become a joke, but laugh to laugh, this is similar to the hype for Jingdong to form the brand, there is a great improvement, 2013 electricity sector will not calm. Tea business is a branch of the very small electricity supplier in the field, but Tomb-sweeping Day coming, but also let the tea industry to fire up, according to Taobao index, West Lake Longjing Tea, search volume keywords tea has greatly improved in the near future, Baidu index also shows related keyword search volume also significantly enhance the tea. The transformation of traditional industries electricity supplier of the road, tea is also a, which of course, tea is a manifestation of seasonal "hot", namely in the Tomb-sweeping Day before and after the purchase volume will increase, in addition to the tea season, the seasonal tea business is tepid.


according to the Hangzhou Longjing Tea Group Co. Ltd, Royal brand flagship store manager Li introduced, the imperial tea flagship store is from the traditional tea industry transition to one of the electricity supplier of the tea industry representatives, now in the tea industry, all of the traditional tea company basically to the electricity supplier of the road, but it is because we are surrounded, but also let the tea business path is extremely difficult, the tea business industry is facing the following problems:

first, the problem is difficult to solve false. Electricity supplier false problem, has recently been quite sensitive, several major electricity supplier giants are caught in a false product storm. The tea business in this area is particularly prominent, the line itself tea false problem is more serious, especially in the tea season, the market circulation has a lot of false West Lake Longjing Tea, the tea business association to headache. Tea business in this area is more backward, more difficult to get a false problem, supervision, deceive users, shoddy behavior is full of the tea industry.

false tea business, will disrupt the entire tea business industry, while allowing users to buy tea in the choice of shilly-shally, for false tea, to distinguish between true and false, the user purchase index hit is greatly reduced, the damage is not only the users, businesses also follow unlucky.

second, a serious problem of malicious competition. If the line under the tea industry "hit" hot line, tea merchants also not weak, malicious competition phenomenon is serious, malicious slander competitors, let the whole industry was disturbed, but according to the Hangzhou Longjing Tea Group Co. Ltd, Royal brand flagship store manager Li introduced, this kind of thing can’t stop.

third, a serious loss of users. A tea merchant royal tea is Taobao’s flagship store, the shop owner said, they are now facing problems, see more, buy less, most viewers are just look away, these buyers rarely directly, or they spend great effort to promote the product, is now facing the an embarrassing situation, but, how


I think, the electricity supplier is only the entire electricity supplier

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