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electricity supplier in the face of tax issues, Taobao is always under the banner of employment, the new model should be supported, Tai chi. But as the country’s largest e-commerce platform, Taobao has an obligation to help regulate the operation of the electricity supplier, rather than become the seller’s tax umbrella.

because the tax is not necessarily good for the electricity supplier sellers.

94% Taobao sellers can not pay taxes is false proposition

Alibaba Group Chairman Ma Yun: 94% Taobao sellers are not within the scope of tax.

current tax law, there is no electricity supplier for the seller’s tax exception, as long as the entity engaged in business activities should be taxed. Even Ma himself said, do not pay taxes immoral.

took a step back, in the SOHO tax, consumption tax and value-added tax threshold for the monthly sales of 5000 yuan. According to Ma’s meaning, 94% of Taobao’s monthly sales of less than $5000.

according to the data released by the end of 2012 Tmall Zhang Yong, Taobao 2012 turnover of $800 billion, while there are 6 million sellers. Average monthly sales of 11 thousand and 100 yuan per seller.

this figure and Ma Yun’s statement has obvious differences.

standardization is a bad thing for the seller


Taobao: we are also concerned about what we can do for the group after tax. We are opposed to taxation in this period.

standardization must be the end of the electricity supplier industry maturity. Taobao through 9 years of development, until today, the annual turnover of $800 billion, C2C sellers still no standardized operation.

in today’s Taobao, with a large number of fake smuggled goods, many uncertain factors such as supply, there are a large number of physical stores through the Taobao tax avoidance phenomenon.

there is no invoice for consumers, the goods may not be guaranteed, and for the protection of the seller will get more trust.

Taobao is the largest C2C platform in this market is the referee. However, if the seller and Taobao conflict, a no license, no tax sellers can not get legal and judicial support. This means that in front of Taobao, the seller’s position is very weak, which may lead to their own rights can not be guaranteed.

step back and say, since it is against the tax today, when is the right time?

2012 10000 billion transactions, accounting for the domestic retail trade turnover of 7%. In such a large scale, Taobao sellers should bear the corresponding social obligations, buy their income tax.

electricity providers really create jobs?

Alibaba: Tmall and Taobao create 10 million jobs directly or indirectly.


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