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November 16th -18, the world’s third largest Internet Conference held in Wuzhen summit. President Xi Jinping at the opening ceremony by video speech, Liu Yunshan Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee attended the opening ceremony, many Internet heavyweights for having heard it many times attended the meeting.


during the three days of the meeting, around the "innovation driven for the benefit of mankind — to build the network space of fate of the theme of the conference, the organizers organized by the" digital economy "and" Internet plus "," The Belt and Road informatization "as the core of the field of the altar.

as a domestic cross-border electricity supplier industry leader, dragon network chairman, CEO Feng Jianfeng was invited to attend the conference, China EU dialogue and digital economy at this meeting the most influential forum keynote speech, talked about the new idea of "building new cross-border business’ ‘Internet +’ ‘union", sharing a large dragon network to digital to promote economic transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing Chinese attempt, by the participants attention.


as President Xi said in the video conference, "the Internet is the most dynamic area of our time. The rapid development of the Internet has brought profound changes to human production and life, but also brought a series of new opportunities and challenges to the human society."

in the network shopping feast just ended, with the help of the Internet, not only China consumers to buy your favorite global boutique, there are 6 million 210 thousand overseas consumers through the Internet to buy high-quality China manufacturing, this point of view the Internet provides new opportunities in China’s manufacturing industry transformation and export rebound.

at the same time, in order to expensive traffic, participating merchants and behind the China manufacturing industry, also because of the price war, profit sharing and other factors limited or even lose money, while overseas consumers buy goods are at risk of being their own customs seized, these are new challenges facing China’s manufacturing industry and export industries.

in this regard, Feng Jianfeng said in his speech, despite the rapid development of Internet B2C has attracted much attention, but if B2C cross-border use of the Internet, will be restricted because of the impact on the real economy, employment opportunities for export countries.


Based on this

, dragon network has been trying through the Internet for cross-border B2B in China to provide localization service and security system in other countries. Through the Internet will Chinese high-quality industrial belt, the mature channel resources, localization service network integration, help the two parties can through the Internet business cooperation and win-win, to build a global Internet " +" new business alliance.

for overseas consumers

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