honey bud 618 carnival comes, the Korean people curious to diaper honey bud staged 618 Carnival finale, special Chinese mom, let the baby comfortable enjoy the experience of star.

last December in Daejeon honey bud plant and curiosity reached cross-border direct mining strategic cooperation, sales in the honey bud on the platform of curious diapers, all from the curiosity of overseas companies to purchase directly, in the honey bud platform above sales to the user. Honey bud diapers are selling brand special 618 curious, curious popular models limit rob, monolithic low to 0.7, to provide the most comfortable and fitted diaper wearing experience for the baby.



Huggies not only has the gold medal quality, has been committed to providing world-class quality of hundreds of millions of baby care. In the period of growth and development of children, in the dermis of the skin sebaceous gland has not yet mature, delicate surface slender, easily bruised, broken, and its antibacterial activity and immunity are relatively weak, so the choice of diapers treasure mom treasure dad who must be cautious. Kimberly Huggies unique 3D air surface, 20000 visible breathing hole, quickly to not feel the "mass absorption", 360 degrees of soft encircling elastic waist, every detail of the interpretation of "world class quality care," "how to move, make baby comfortable". Therefore, Huggies has been the preferred brand of honey bud mothers to buy baby products at.

at present, the honey bud platform in the sale of curious products are mainly curious platinum loaded, curious gold, etc., are curious family of Pyramid tip products, 100% South Korea imported. Not only in the circle of mothers with excellent reputation, while access to a number of maternal and child media professional certification. Direct procurement from the brand, and one hand to control the supply chain from the entire process of transportation to the customs declaration, in order to ensure the quality of 100%, so that consumers feel at ease.

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