estimated that the vast majority of forum is the person who is, or is ready to engage in Wangzhuan industry; I don’t know what is the formal occupation of everyone, I will follow 2000 yuan / month salary to do an average estimation.

cost input:

Do Wangzhuan basic equipment:

computer: 3500 yuan, the annual depreciation 3500/5+ maintenance fee 3500*5%=865.00 yuan / year

access ADSL:800 yuan / year

electricity charges: 0.35 kW / h *10 hours / day *0.55 yuan / kW *365 days =702.6 (Note: open display is about 0.4 kW / h, off is 0.3 kW / h, take average)


cost: 2367.6 yuan / year

this means that if you are occupation Wangzhuan industry, you must ensure that each year to earn 2367.6 yuan +2000*12 yuan =26367.6 yuan is quite a common industry average, of course, if in Shanghai, Beijing and other places requires a high standard of living is higher.

if you use or learn to earn the knife, do not remember the cost can also be. It should also earn at least 2000 yuan /30 days /24 hours *2 hours / day *365 days +2 hours /10 hours / day * (865+800+702.6) yuan / year =2501.3 yuan / year, that is to say if you start a day of work or study for 10 hours, with 2 hours to earn money, then 2501.3 yuan / year and to my job is the salary. Such people should have a lot of

if you’re free unit surfing hook is better it should be pure (cost), make time to shutdown restart at the end of each day to open the surf + connection =30 minutes = every morning, if you can hang 10 foreign free surfing is better.

1 stations:

1 points / minute *60 minutes / hours *14 hours (PM to the next day 8 points) *0.3 knife /1000 point *365 days / year * utilization 50%=46 knife / year

do 10 stand is 460 knife / year, good!!! Half an hour =460 knife / year!

note: the utilization rate of 50% is included in the network failure and holidays, etc.

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