[Abstract] "what is worth selling" billion state power network for cross-border electricity supplier practitioners launched a program, best-selling products and potential products on overseas markets to explore business opportunities and industry trends. The main content of the article is based on the statistics of the major cross-border electricity supplier platform, authoritative market research reports and industry players feedback from the finishing, hoping to bring reference value for practitioners.

According to statistics Statista company data show that in last year, the total retail sales in Japan has reached $89 billion, is expected in 2018 will exceed $122 billion. In the rapid growth of the Japanese market, the status of the mobile terminal is particularly important, in the last year, half of Japan’s electricity supplier transactions are completed on the mobile terminal.

seems, for China’s cross-border export sellers, in the geographical proximity of the Japanese market in China is a good".


problem, to make money in this "Denver", the seller should do? In fact, the holiday promotions and selection has been the important electricity providers need to master the skills and insight into an important node in the Japanese market promotion in the second half of the cross-border sellers such as dongfeng.

days ago, Amazon Chinese released on Amazon Japan station of the second half of the major online shopping festival and promotion node report, the report lists the important festivals in Japan and in the second half of the holiday related products recommended.

The following

for Amazon to Japan in the second half of the year Chinese Online Shopping Festival induction and selection of recommendations:


time: July

Festival: fireworks will be

according to the different habits, the fireworks are generally held in late July or early August. The fireworks will be held, many will be dressed in a bathrobe Japanese foot clogs hand fan, banded together to play fireworks.

products: kimono, clogs, fan, light sticks,

accessories etc.


time: August

Festival: Ullambana

for the August 15th of each year, mainly for the worship of ancestors. But because Japanese attaches great importance to the festival, so many companies in before and after the festival will be a holiday, the Obon Festival has also become home to visit relatives or travel days.

products: ritual supplies (pot lantern, candles, lanterns, outdoor products,



time: September

best-selling products: outdoor class, autumn and winter clothing, jewelry

September is not particularly important in Japan

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