in order to better promote the enterprise talent exchange, intensify training business talents, improve business competitiveness, Trade Development Bureau of Ministry of Commerce held in Beijing in April 23rd 12335 school enterprise docking activities and school enterprise exchanges". Foreign trade university professor Wang Jian said at the meeting, the future cross-border e-commerce from B2C to B2B, the whole system and logistics system may need to be changed, the policy should be from the so-called retail or B2C more to encourage B2B.

activities organized by the Ministry of Commerce Foreign Trade Development Bureau, Xinhua news agency, the economic information daily, the theme is to adapt to the new normal economic development of new competitive power to foster foreign trade". The association invited representatives, experts and business representatives, jointly "independent innovation, high-end manufacturing and globalization, service trade and culture go out" and "new pattern of cross-border e-commerce and other key industries and hot issues in the current foreign trade carried out extensive and in-depth exchanges, analyzes the direction and path of enterprise the innovation of new form of foreign trade, mode of development and the problem of cross-border e-commerce, discusses the new requirements of business personnel training, and achieved positive results.

experts pointed out that in the new form of foreign trade, on the one hand through a variety of policies to actively support exports, had a more significant effect; on the other hand, through various forms to intensify training business talents for enterprises, especially Small and micro businesses to participate in international competition to provide personnel protection, is China’s foreign trade transformation problem to accelerate the upgrade.

in the "independent innovation, high-end manufacturing and global forum, Beijing micro YAGE (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. strategy director Guo Shanghua believes that the transformation and upgrading to foreign trade enterprises, cannot do without innovation, but investors need more depth strategic participation," this thing by an enterprise, by a the gun dry up". For independent innovation, Shengrui transmission deputy general manager Chen Peng believes that independent innovation is the basis of collaborative innovation is to support, "now many enterprises can not achieve the industry, especially the industrial chain collaboration on the worrying."

talked about the service trade and culture to go out, clear production planning research institute writer Li Ji believes that Chinese culture to go out and set sail again, need to find a good carrier. The next step is to go out of Chinese culture, China to become a cultural power, which will inevitably involve the role of financial capital.

in the new pattern of cross-border e-commerce sub forum, Wang Jian believes that policy, law and regulation, which occupies a very important factor in the cross-border electricity supplier. The future development of cross-border e-commerce may be manifested in the space: from B2C to B2B, model innovation is still focused on the integration of intensive and integrated business model from the transaction to collaborative services. Future policy guidance should be more from the so-called retail or B2C to encourage B2B.

small Benniao network of cross-border platform CEO Liu Yin said that cross-border electricity heat basically belongs to the heat, but add fuel to the flames "from the entire industry, but also save >

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