and Adidas as the fate of FMCG Brand has suffered a wave swept China impostor "network official flagship store" wanton hit.

news July 3rd, the day before, we noticed that UNIQLO’s official website issued a statement, said that the name of counterfeit criminals UNIQLO official flagship store network, recruiting part-time service and other false information.

‘s Chinese official website

thus, some even fake copycat, UNIQLO shop on the Internet still confuse the public, these companies not only in consumer fraud, selling fake brand UNIQLO merchandise, also on those trying to engage in electricity supplier industry people’s idea.

it is understood that, at present, in Chinese, UNIQLO official sales channels all offline store and online open UNIQLO official website, Tmall flagship store two. In addition, it has not yet been licensed to other business platform and distribution agents.

for recruitment, UNIQLO also said the company will not in any official recruitment channels to UNIQLO flagship store network name shop customer service / shop part-time service; will not use various chat tools to interview applicants, or require applicants to provide ID number, bank card number and other sensitive personal information, does not require applicants install any software.

however, we through the Baidu search found that the Internet is full of all kinds of UNIQLO store online recruitment notices, including Taobao customer service, network part-time, shopping guide, recruitment information is even a single brush shop staff be struck dumb.

fake UNIQLO official flagship store network advertisement

it is worth noting that the recruitment information work place are scattered throughout the country, and UNIQLO’s parent company Fast Retailing Trade Co., China area of the actual location in Shanghai. In addition, these so-called "UNIQLO Taobao official flagship store" is implicitly blocked my contacts, but through the message to attract candidates.

is more unique, if Taobao search input "UNIQLO" keyword, the list of goods is more dazzling: UNIQLO counters the same paragraph, UNIQLO counter promotion, UNIQLO purchasing, UNIQLO gucci…… Obviously, in the Taobao platform, not because of official identity while stationed in UNIQLO, forcing the original copy, copy, store UNIQLO brand style disappeared.


in the search results, Tmall’s official flagship store is still ranked in the top three position, but did not stop the ‘false’ UNIQLO, even from the fourth position, it appeared stately." A UNIQLO line store clerk told billion state power network, since entering the China business market, fake UNIQLO behavior did not stop".

In fact, not only is

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