today, new electricity supplier maternal shellfish network first gear TV shopping program will be officially landed in Shenzhen children’s channel tonight. Become the first early adopters of TV shopping (hereinafter referred to as the TV purchase) maternal electricity supplier ".



help to upgrade the brand shellfish network combined with 100 brand force TV to buy

as China’s first social business platform of maternal, after shellfish network completed at the beginning of endorsing Li Xiang and Wang Shi, recently re cloth Bureau, with 100 maternal brands full force TV purchase.

it is understood that the first network of Bei Bei file TV shopping program named hot mom flash buy help, every Monday to Saturday night 10:30 broadcast. "Freaky flash purchase for each program the main push to two items, each program is 15 minutes long when.

during the program, the network will be ready to start the synchronization of 4000060909 telephone ordering service, and support for cash on delivery.

According to

founder Tony prepare Mei Shan, "freaky flash help" is just the first battle prepare shellfish network started network linkage strategy, later will be based on the powerful database, complete the comprehensive coverage of the more well-known television media and local TV media.

four terminal three screen matrix Bei network to build a new eco shopping

according to the reporter, relying on the preparation of a powerful network television media resources, as of now has attracted thousands of domestic and foreign brands of maternal and child cooperation registration. But in order to protect shellfish network "quality freaky help flash purchase program, the late Tony prepare network will select 100 mother brand merchants as freaky help the first flash purchase" partners, shellfish network will be based on the actual demand of the market, timely adjustment of program product structure, the introduction of more new, extraordinary and special goods, satisfy the people demand bred TV shopping.

Mesa stressed that the electricity supplier is a test of the company’s commodity flow, information flow and logistics integrated operational efficiency. Among them, in terms of commodity flow, the traditional maternal electronic business platform only to do the goods into the warehouse, and the brand image of the brand to enhance the strong demand can not be met. Different with the traditional maternal electricity supplier model, shellfish network is building PC+ mobile +TV+ stores in the four end of the three screen in one of the 3D type business models, brands through shellfish network can not only realize the goods full channel coverage, high sales growth, but also relying on the advantages of television media resources shellfish strong network. To solve the brand awareness, reputation and influence of multi brand development needs, to achieve brand and commodity double upgrade.

it is understood that, as the first social business platform of maternal, at present, shellfish network has signed 12 satellite TV and 10 terrestrial channels, 2 maternal and child columns, 4000 minutes of TV advertisements, the national network of media and mobile new media resources.

industry sources, and other traditional maternal and child electricity supplier

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