is now online and offline integration has become a major trend, looking to run errands and distribution industry, competition is more heavy, but run errands as distribution industry in a stream, is developing at a rapid trend, what is the reason for the fast runner out of American Beacon Tower, ran hungry hummingbird


other takeaway delivery platform

said takeout distribution, here to the United States Mission of Beacon Tower and the hungry giant of the two industries: hummingbird. The United States Mission Beacon Tower is like a "social business platform", organized various third party links and outsourcing, just to build a platform, you can make a mutual docking place for related businesses and distribution, followed by the delivery speed, the management and operation mechanism is not a system, speed relay can not meet the market demand.


compared with the United States Mission Beacon Tower, hungry hummingbird in the distribution of speed and the management will be better, but the hummingbird to business services limited to all from hungry platform orders, binding of a platform with limited contract violates "Internet plus distribution".

runner takeaway delivery system

is short of logistics distribution management system of a service to takeaway businesses and distribution team, to the information on the delivery process of short logistics, through the Internet seamless distribution team and business and delivery staff, reduce the distribution cost saving in the middle of interaction, recorded a single, single, single, clearing operation time wasted. In order to improve the distribution efficiency, mainly including distribution area, distribution manager backstage staff client, client businesses three modules.


is similar to a taxi drops to grab a single run errands distribution software, after business orders to delivery [pool] billing and delivery staff to the designated two billing billing mode, delivery orders timely delivery free APP ring. As a very pure distribution management system, run not only suitable for takeaway food, electricity providers express, agency and other errands, all you can imagine the business link to complete with "errands distribution" pattern can be used to run.

can run to save what Beacon Tower and hummingbirds can not solve the business pain point



for businesses, who can run the most direct solution to business distribution problems, such as with in human, because the relationship between the amount of takeout orders of market competition and the meal time point, there will be relatively large fluctuations, if the business please full-time delivery staff, is not worth. But run as a delivery team in solving the distribution requirements of a certain region, the time of delivery volume volatility decreases a lot, there is no waste of human resources; on the other hand, if you run the delivery team to meet the demand distribution of a certain region, and over all the distribution business in the region. Then businesses only need to.

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