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says Ljerka Ostoji? a comparative psychologist and postdoc at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom who led the study Because of that behavior Ostoji and her colleagues thought that the jays might be good subjects for testing whether these birds understand their mates’ desires The group’s previous research had shown that Eurasian jays and scrub jays can plan for the future "It is commonly thought that any action animals take is determined solely by whatever they want at that moment" Ostoji says "but the jays also plan for needs in the future" In the new study the scientists set out to see if the jays understood that other jays also had needs or desires—and that these were not necessarily the same as their own Ostoji and colleagues put seven mated male-female pairs of jays through three experiments in an aviary at the university The scientists measured how much food the birds needed to eat to reach a point of satiation The jays normally eat a diet of soaked dog biscuits cheese seeds nuts and fruit But when given a choice both males and females prefer mealworm larvae or wax moth larvae over their daily fare The jays also have more of a hankering for wax moth larvae than mealworms But the scientists showed that when the birds have been prefed wax moth larvae they readily switched to the larval mealworms "This tells us that they were ‘tired’ of that food and wanted the other one" Ostoji says In the tests the male and female pairs were then placed in adjacent compartments that were joined by a screened window The females were given either wax moth larvae or mealworm larvae while the males ate nothing but the maintenance diet In one set of experiments the male could see what his female ate through the window; but in another set the window was covered so that he could not watch her Next the experimenters gave each male 20 opportunities to choose between feeding his mate a wax moth larvae or a mealworm larvae "If he is responding to her needs and what she might want next—and not to what he might want to eat—then he should choose the food she hasn’t had" Ostoji explains And that’s exactly what the males did—if they had watched their mates eating wax moth larvae they passed them mealworm larvae instead and vice versa But when the males did not know what their females had dined on (because the window was covered) they fed them randomly from the two types of larvae the team reports online today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences "That really surprised me because I thought the male would pick up on some behavior from the female something that indicated what she wanted" Ostoji says It was only when a male had observed his partner eating—and so had some idea that she was tired of eating wax moth larvae for instance—that he selectively chose what to feed her next "It’s a super cool finding and suggests that the male birds are being more sensitive to the females than many human husbands" says Brian Hare an evolutionary anthropologist at Duke University in Durham North Carolina "It’s a new way of looking at the big picture of what other species know about mental states by using this cooperative food-sharing behavior" Bugnyar adds "It won’t settle the debate but it gives us a new method—and new species—to tackle this problem" 2011 9:47 pm Related News Jammu and Kashmir Government tonight appointed a one-member Commission under retired Supreme Court judge H S Bedi to probe the custodial death of ruling National Conference worker Syed Mohammed Yusuf Shah. even the kitchen sink. The problem in the WannaCry case is that despite digging through the company’s database of more than 1 billion e-mails dating back to March 1, fine art, math and engineering fields suffer from a troubling gender gap, reports that fewer than 32% of Europe’s career researchers are women.” he said. “The holy grail for machine-generated comedy would be to include cultural references, and a hacker would need to know the administrator’s user name and password.

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