near the end of the year, Ali investment has resorted to generous investment of HK $2 billion 822 million, Haier electric appliances. The industry have speculated the reason? "But are only and without that of bone marrow".

logistics that thing

can not be denied that the investment Ali Haier appliances, mainly directed to the logistics of the day to go. Goodaymart logistics more Niubi? The numbers:

Haier day Shun logistics in the country has more than 7 thousand and 600 county-level stores, 26000 Township stores, the village level Liaison Station 190 thousand. Just look at this figure, probably most people do not have any concept.

SO, the angle of authoritative data, the Chinese existing administrative area at county level 2862, township level administrative units more than 40 thousand, administrative village is reduced year by year, the data of 1990 and early 1 million, 2004 into 620 thousand. That is to say, on average, almost all Chinese 3 administrative villages can share a goodaymart station, each township has nearly 5 goodaymart Liaison Station, each county with an average of more than 3 county-level stores and nearly 10 rural stores.

can be said, Haier goodaymart although not as well known as SF and other logistics companies, but in the last mile distribution and direct access to the people room service is always the "invisible champion". After the investment in logistics day after day, Ali basically tentacles throughout the whole of China, and has penetrated into China’s most basic administrative units – the village, the logistics of the last mile of the basic framework for the completion of the layout.

contrast data, China’s largest chain of home appliance chain Suning stores less than 2000, and more in large and medium-sized cities.

more than logistics that thing

but is that so?

we take a closer look at the details of the investment, in addition to confirm the 541 million Hong Kong dollars to subscribe for the day outside the logistics of the equity of 9.9%. In addition to the subscription of convertible bonds of listed companies, the amount is 1 billion 316 million Hong Kong dollars, the convertible bonds in the future can also be converted into day Shun logistics shares of 24.1%. In addition, the Alibaba group to subscribe for shares of listed companies on the way to invest 965 million yuan Hong Kong dollars in Haier electric appliances, access to shares of listed companies after the investment of 2%.

see no, at least from now on, there are 2 billion 800 million Hong Kong dollars in Haier’s investment in listed companies is 2 billion 200 million. The listed companies also include what business?

day Shun channel business, logistics business day after day, day after day service business, day by day other auxiliary channel business.

in addition to logistics, as well as channels and services, as well as auxiliary channel business.


channel sellers do?. What to do with the service?. What channel do business? A little Mandarin, is all other matters.

so understand, Shun Shun is an industrial chain, sell, send, install, aftermarket one

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