these days, with news that Facebook is taking advantage of the user’s personal information, including personal information, status updates and send messages to help advertisers more accurately locate the audience. For example, when a female user changes her marital status on Facebook to "in love", she will receive a local wedding and catering service.

this should be precise advertising we said, this freebook is not the first, this practice in many e-commerce similar practices like Google, Baidu and other search engines are based on keywords user input to accurate advertising, direct traffic Taobao is based on user search keywords to display ads.

this practice is actually to some extent also illustrates the user experience first. Even advertising, but also according to the user’s preferences, according to the needs of users to advertise, to some extent, to prevent the user’s resentment.

does this also give us the emphasis on e-commerce this e-commerce can get some inspiration from it?

2000, the United States, a shirt website Threadless held a design competition on the Internet, the participants will be t-shirt design uploaded to the site, Threadless users scoring, select the most popular works. As a result of the user voted out of the shirt, Threadless offers each shirt sales are very good.

Threadless allows users to participate in the activities, what users love, manufacturers will produce what, this is not tight let users love the product, but there is a sense of substitution (the birth of this product have my credit), especially the user will have the stickiness to the site, for the long-term accumulation of users played a great help.

why not let customers give the shirt scoring, only those printed high score shirt? This is Threadless put forward the idea that this is the embodiment of the supremacy of the user experience, because consumers are always these customers, only the product is their favorite, businesses can stand in the market, they finally succeeded.

e-commerce can also be developed in the direction of the traditional approach is to produce products, and then to promote the purchase of customers. First the product, and then find ways to make customers like and then buy. Is it possible to design products according to the customer’s favorite, and then put into production. Although this is only a sequence of problems, but the effect should be different?

in July last year, computer maker DELL released 12 new pattern designs, all of which were selected by Threadless’s hardcore enthusiasts, and the designs were soon on fire. He DELL, general manager of the · strategic cooperation; Sebastian (Rachna Bhasin) said: "we want to put the voice of the consumer is added, so…… >

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