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achievement of network entrepreneurs, when the brightest entrepreneurs rely on Taobao to survive and become rich, when entrepreneurs take Ma Yun as your heart, when we put all the time to register in Taobao, Taobao began to turn…… We have to talk about the Taobao face, says Ma Yuntai is smart, and more people want to say Ma Yuntai sinister side, he is brewing a larger Taobao conspiracy.

ranking rules that tens of thousands of sellers business fell, Yahuo million shop overnight shop not meet the eye everywhere, business, supply all sell do not move, even the crown store is not past the majesty of the crown shop. According to the Qingdao wedding photography (www.0532hq.com) Beijing full-time friend Taobao learned that the adjustment of the Taobao rules he has also been greatly affected, business shrank by 2/3, many of the original baby home page ranking all can not find, according to friends said, the huge impact who score low in the comprehensive shop is Taobao rules. Because before his shop was a malicious buyer to give a poor rating, but this is a poor evaluation led to the store’s comprehensive score low, so the ranking has been a significant impact. According to him, even if the crown shop as long as there has been a poor reputation in the rankings from Taobao search home page can not find out. On the contrary, as long as do a good job shop comprehensive score, do not get bad reviews, even if the new store will get a good ranking. While the Taobao ranking rules for mall sellers what no influence, that is to say the mall users are generally enterprise or company sellers, their annual investment costs at least Taobao is more than 20 thousand, as many as millions to Taobao promotion, therefore, the future of Taobao, Ma and enterprise users will focus on cooperation, as to why, I believe every people are well aware, before Ma has repeatedly said that the future of the Ali group will mainly serve the small and medium-sized enterprises, so individuals and small and medium-sized sellers probably cannot in the days after the Taobao long-term foothold.

so small sellers want to borrow the Taobao platform later if things go on like this will be very difficult to make money, after all, Taobao small sellers accounted for the majority, so some people will have to stand up for rights, think this is a disguised form of Taobao transformation, disguised charges, think the rules change, the service, in order to get good rankings rely on buy Taobao: Taobao direct car auction, or even many people come to Taobao shopping, not search your product, store decoration is again good, high reputation is of no significance. So small sellers have gathered to find Ma Yuntao argument, but the current Taobao has become the boss of the Internet e-commerce, apparently has become a national and government support industries and brands. The boss is bound to show the boss’s majesty, Ma first to the enterprise internal staff e-mail that the Taobao rules determination, and to all sellers released relentless, would rather not open Taobao, also in accordance with the provisions of the system to do. It now appears that small sellers want to find a breakthrough from Ma is very difficult. Perhaps the biggest part of the negotiations with the government through negotiations with Ma, there may be a turn for the better, and the reason why Ma released

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