recently, according to U.S. technology media reports, according to Amazon from California to a man named Jay · Tiller (Jay Gentile); let the man sued, said it operates a number of false product review website. Amazon alleges that Tiller paid for the product reviews false, and inform the potential customers to send his writers empty package, and then by the name of his website to publish product reviews. These false praise is usually released through the old account, so quite confusing. According to the complaint, a website under the name of Collins also provide the same service, but Collins himself told the "Seattle times" interview, denied the allegations, saying they are between owner and false comments provider middlemen.

this may be the first company to launch a lawsuit against the false comments provider, but similar to the rights of action has been launched.

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– Bo cloud struggle

this is not the same as Taobao, Taobao does not charge anything to sell it, Amazon to third party sellers to draw a transaction fee of $15%. Brush more, Amazon does not suffer, fees still earn.

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"destroy" scalping can say impossible, not to send an empty parcel, I will send a variety of rag in rags, how did you find out? It is not in the business sector, you can catch what people punish people, other people of normal trading.


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