this afternoon, Dallas electric 751 in Beijing fashion design square released new flagship M1, this is since last June 1st after the release of N1, Dallas Electric’s first two new products, more compact, more intelligent, better looking M1 white, gray, blue, red, yellow 5 colors, 4 different configurations the youth version, version of the city, the power version, the top version priced at 3299, 3999, 4999, 6299 yuan, the new car will be raised by the Jingdong in April 27th to start the first round of open purchase form.


opening speech by Dallas electric chief operating officer Li Yan, he shared some interesting data about city travel: as of yesterday, Dallas electric N1 users has reached 52721, a total of 58 million 840 thousand km total reducing carbon emissions by 13238 tons, equivalent to the carbon emissions of 529 thousand trees a year to absorb. He said that the Mavericks will also use a better electric products, more attentive service, to provide consumers with a better life.



followed by Dallas, founder of Hu Yilin electric released a new flagship M1 play, and BMW announced that the former design director Liu Chuankai to join us, he is also the main designer Dallas electric M1, the new flagship product set stylish fan, light and flexible, smart security, smart worry in a body, has streamlined integration line, integrated intelligent instrument panel Aluminum Alloy, integrated lithium battery weighs only 8kg, range of 100 km, five colors of light and flexible body, positioning system with high precision Dallas Butler 2, butter insurance services will allow to ensure the "lost a lost one, in use, you can feel the automatic headlights, 2 hour fast breathing full of electricity, cruise control, automatic return, temple down, parking safety flash lamp to more intimate functions. Compared to N1, Dallas electric M1 significantly use more practical and advanced technology, which is also in line with the "fun city" products tone.


M1 will be the new flagship Dallas electric first open communication in April 27th once again to all the chips in the form of Jingdong, in June last year after the release of N1, a total of 72 million yuan to raise their funds with just 15 days, a record of the domestic public to raise and maintain so far, and this new flagship publication, as the supply chain and product manufacturing stable, what will the new phenomenon this year, after all, in April 27th announced.

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