following the Google, Microsoft and other companies have invested heavily in buying short domain name, the domain name, and sold for $1 million 250 thousand; and Porn (adult porn).Com is used to create a whopping $9 million 500 thousand. Network domain name business highlights. But the domain name investment experts to remind, the price of the domain name and the difference between ordinary domain name is often only in the line, there is no professional standard of the general population is not suitable for investment.

according to the Taiwan United Daily News reported that the Taiwan domain name investment Frank, four years ago in the global domain name trading site, bought Santaclaus for $1000 (Santa Claus).Info domain name, after two years to 12 thousand euros to sell an American Christmas supplies vendors, buy low and sell high, Frank investment return rate as high as 161 times.

it is reported that,, and other domain names were registered many years ago, not long ago, apple, Japan’s Nintendo Co forced to buy these domains at high prices.

, however, there is a difference between the average domain name Speculator and the domain name investor. Two different means in operation, speculators will deliberately registered enterprise trademark and related domain name string; capitalists is investment mentality, to explore the commercial interests, but undervalued the domain name, and find buyers willing to pay.

But because the

domain name investment requires investors to have a high professional level, in addition to a keen observation, insight into the domain name market value, but also must have a commercial evaluation ability, reference similar domain names web site traffic, advertising etc. Therefore, experts do not recommend investment in ordinary people network domain name.

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