How to open the Taobao

shop? Detailed steps to teach you to shop online, now a lot of college students, office workers, stay-at-home mom are to open a shop, but do not know where to start, in order to solve the confusion, with many years of small shop experience for everyone finishing with the Taobao shop tutorial, I hope to help you. If you read the tutorial and do not understand the place, you can come to me.

first said to open the shop, we should open the shop ready to prepare things, such as: my ID card, bank card, Taobao account these are to be prepared. Some novice friends may not have the experience of online shopping, so there is no Taobao account, below, I first teach novice to register Taobao account.

A: registered Taobao account

first, open Taobao, in the top left corner of the page to find free registration, the following screenshot:


then, we follow the prompts and requirements of the system step by step to fill in the information, as follows:



then, your Taobao account is registered, as follows:



we registered a good Taobao account, and then you can continue to operate the next step to register the shop. Here the need to emphasize that if you are under 18 years of age is not registered in the shop, so the minor children don’t learn to. Well, we return to the subject.

two: register Taobao shop

first need to open the Taobao, and then in the top right corner of the Taobao page to find the seller center, and then click on the shop will see the following screenshot:


we follow the system prompts the Alipay and Taobao shop real name authentication certification certification, the operation is very simple, but you need to carefully, not sloppy, as follows:



according to the system page prompts to enter the relevant information, and submit the pre prepared photos, fill in and then click on the "submit" button, waiting for Taobao audit.

system audit time is about 2 days, usually 4, 5 hours after the can, after an audit by clicking the "seller center" — "immediately shop" — "create a shop, you can shop! Is not very simple? You can create a successful shop decoration shop, goods shelves sell.

finally, wish you can earn life through Taobao’s first pot of gold. Open shop actually did not imagine so difficult, as long as you dare to try, I think the road is at your feet, we do not know what you can contact me >

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