invited 39 countries envoys on behalf of the platform, this year the main global buy global sell, "

Tmall double 11

wanted at home and abroad to "cut the hand" and "buy buy buy"

reporter Zhuang Zhengyue


yesterday, Alibaba in the group of Hangzhou Xixi Park, 39 ambassadors representing national group and Alibaba chairman of the board of directors Ma Yun, Alibaba and Alibaba Zhang Yong group CEO Group CEO Mike · Evans, Tmall jointly launched the 2015 "double 11" global carnival, online shopping for the upcoming war hard crying.

at the launch site, the Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong announced that this year the "double 11" command will be moved to Beijing. He said: "this year’s’ double 11 ‘will officially move towards globalization, toward the goal of our service to 2 billion global consumers. Beijing is the capital of China, with international influence, "double 11" globalization and the globalization of Alibaba, must start from Beijing."

this year, double 11 Flagship Global buy, global sell

covers more than and 200 countries and regions

with the Alibaba group globalization strategy to promote, this year’s global "double 11" will cover more than and 200 countries and regions to achieve the world’s consumers, buy and sell the world, consumers can enjoy all over the world to buy fun; domestic brands businesses will also take on the global express, Tmall will "sell" the influence of double 11 "the spread all over the world.

according to reports, this year’s global "double 11" will hit the United States, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Australia and other 11 key countries, covering the mother, beauty, food, clothing and other fresh, imported goods, category, and 100 supermarkets, FMCG, platform duty-free shops and other retail Yetai, global import goods one-stop assembly.

this year "double 11" global "buy" out of the "global minimum price", "global parcel tax package" slogan, led by the more than 5 thousand big overseas from the United States, Europe, Japan, Korea and other 25 countries and regions.

global sell "in key countries and regions of Russia, Spain, Britain, France and Israel, including" The Belt and Road "along the 64 countries and regions. "Global sell" flagship "double 11" discount number of goods will reach 50 million, there are nearly 5000 domestic businesses to participate, aimed at overseas consumers.

Alibaba is a door, let the world famous brand products to enter the China, but consumers still want to buy more things, to better connect with the world, think this is what consumers want whenever and wherever possible, also, we are working hard. In the past, we have evaluated how much we have changed China, and in the future, we will be able to change the world." Zhang Yong says so

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