11th Five-Year, China’s e-commerce has maintained a good momentum of sustained and rapid development, the total transaction growth of nearly 2.5 times, in 2010 reached about $4 trillion and 500 billion. The endogenous power and innovation ability of e-commerce development is increasing, and it is entering a new stage of intensive innovation and rapid expansion. However, in this environment, is the group purchase fiasco, cool days and had to withdraw from the Jingdong will continue, more and more investors began to tighten their purse strings, for fear of China electricity supplier industry moment burn his money. But when everyone in front of the China electric shilly-shally, Ma with his Taobao but realize the ambition.

in the past May Day golden week, consumers on the Internet every day to buy nearly 100 million yuan of goods; people are very surprised that, compared with the same period last year, an increase of more than 300%. Among them, mobile phones and other digital products is still the best choice for holiday gifts, accounting for 15% of the share of consumption, but the brightest star is the fastest growing mobile phone recharge cards, maternal and child supplies and other daily necessities. And these miracles happen in Taobao.

Taobao in this era created too much glory, turnover rose steadily, Juhuasuan’s group purchase brand is to beat all the competitors, 2011 annual turnover of billions of dollars and yuan, when everyone is in the success of Taobao monopoly even surprised when, and how to plan the future development of Taobao


sometimes failure is not a bad thing, at least will be presented a problem for enterprise development, but success has no such effect, but may also cover some defects, and now Taobao is clearly experiencing all of this. Behind the seemingly gorgeous data, the development of Taobao is one after another gap.


waiter suspected of corruption in the fair competition environment question

April 12, 2012, a Alibaba employee dismissal notice circulated on the Internet, has long been ranked in the top ten men’s JEANJACK flagship store and other stores, was done in the shop closed ali. "Notice", the shop owner Wu Enze in 2011 has been more than a year, the second at the request of Tmall, has little correlation to the apparel category II, bazaar, mall, Juhuasuan, gold coins, trial center, Taobao mobile phone, Amoy lakes and other departments staff repeatedly bribery. Wu Enze in exchange for the JEANJACK flagship store in 2011 alone more than 52 million yuan in sales.

According to public information, 2008-2011 years, Taobao’s annual turnover was 99 billion 960 million, respectively, 200 billion, 400 billion, 600 billion yuan in 2012, Ma Yun’s goal is $1 trillion. In the winter of 2011 to buy, Juhuasuan created a 10 billion 180 million yuan sales miracle, accounting for nearly 50% of the share of the Chinese market. Taobao and Taobao huge trading volume businesses make massive rush, but in the mass merchants and goods, many small sellers can easily.

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