Chongqing, Ningbo, Beijing, overseas direct mail, four large warehouses are different, in addition to diapers, powdered milk this kind of standard products, honey bud also an ample supply of daily necessities, Home Furnishing small, imported snacks and hot tip of goods. Honey bud CEO Liu Nan even to the warehouse PK code, "which… Just collect crazy" double 11 "package, Tmall, Amazon, Chinese international Jingdong global purchase, honey bud etc. large-scale cross-border electricity supplier once again set off a" black Friday "overseas shopping spree, which comes from Western shopping festival in Chinese, more complete the consumer focused on the fire a year on cross-border business.

honey bud from August last year through the rapid market to seize the cross-border bonded import mode, in less than a year to achieve a 15 fold increase, and constantly refresh the maternal electricity supplier sales records, firmly occupy the first position China maternal electricity supplier.

Baidu assists the flow into the brush

in September this year, Baidu invested $150 million honey bud, "black five" will be Baidu investment honey bud, the first joint force, Baidu will search through various channels, knowledge quiz to import a massive flow of honey bud in black five period.

Baidu has been committed to the scene polymerization flow, in the "black five" period, Baidu will search the strong channels of information exposure, triggering users of consumer awareness, the direct diversion honey bud formation, the depth of the closed loop. In addition, Baidu vice president Li Mingyuan mentioned cooperation with honey bud, when users see on parenting topics in the mobile phone Baidu home page, click more parenting scene of the topic page, while the user can browse information, while a key to enter the purchase of honey bud platform, triggering more consumption scenarios, realize the depth the closed-loop business, Li Mingyuan also said the future of hope and honey bud build ecosystem.

new concept of playing the concept of global shopping mall

in the "black five" period, in addition to the introduction of honey bud as in the past to discount, such as the highest full 199 minus 100, also launched a very innovative gameplay: Based on the warehouse dimensions between the warehouse honey bud PK. Chongqing Ningbo bonded warehouse, bonded warehouse, Beijing warehouse and warehouse and open overseas direct mail, 4 warehouse 6 plate out of tricks to attract users, to the consumer to create a global body shopping personally on the scene feeling, better fit the "black five" theme.

figure honey bud Ningbo bonded warehouse

mode + warehouse black five and then lift the end of the sales peak

black five originated in the United States, the main stronghold of online physical store. In China, "black five" fire is mainly concentrated in the electricity supplier. Honey bud as China maternal cross-border electricity supplier leader, the "black five" promotional play highlights in the four warehouse, behind the highlight is actually two aspect: one is the mode of cross-border electricity advantage, two is the warehousing strength.

"we are 80% of the goods, and now only less than 20% of the platform is the kind of trick"

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