service, the word in the traditional industry, we are not unfamiliar, every one of us every day in the service and service, and in the Internet industry, the mysterious relationship between distant and close at hand, let the service become more mysterious and interesting. IDC service is the most basic Internet service industry, is the essential content in the virtual host or server or domain name, or CDN, the ultimate goal is to help users to establish a stable and healthy home network.

eight degree network as the country’s top ten IDC service providers, practitioners in the past nine years, serving hundreds of thousands of Internet users and businesses, saving a lot of user reputation. 2013, eight degree network CEO Liu Chuanyong once again pointed out that the service is the IDC industry’s only hand, only at the same time to grasp the two products and services, in order to long-term foothold on the.

in this regard, the eight degree network start submarine strategy, hoping to learn from the traditional service model of the industry, to enhance the service force of eight degrees, the service force into combat effectiveness. Customer service is the first in the first, strengthen the service force under the influence of eight of the network to create IDC, cloud hosting, customer service team, has been able to do service, excellent technology, solve user problems, and users in the United Front, rather than simply the sale of host and server, let eight the man of brilliant shine at the industry reputation in


I am a small Consultant: customers want is not necessarily the best

is usually a customer service staff, only need to answer the user’s questions, and help customers to complete the process of purchasing products, even a competent customer service. In the eight degree network to enhance the influence of the service force, the eight degree of customer service has not only customer service, but a close industry consultant to help customers solve the problem behind the purchase of products.

A lot of

and eight degree customer service exchange customers will have a sense of customer service issues eight degrees a lot, I just buy a server or cloud host, they have a lot of problems, for example: your site is what type? Your website is what system and the background of your operation team? Mainly at what and so on?. In fact, this is the eight degree of customer service to help customers choose more suitable for their own host products, rather than blindly follow the views of customers. For example, a customer to buy technology to the establishment of the utterly ignorant of cloud host, then the eight degree customer service to understand the situation after the advice he can use the website cloud, one click website, do not need to know any technology, convenient and quick. There is some customers personal business website, people lack of energy is a problem, then the eight degree customer service according to the recommendation of the customers to use the cloud platform, log convenient, easy to manage, monitor, eliminating the customer a lot of management time.

I am a small technology: let go of that operation, let me!

construction site is a complicated process, buy domain name, host, website construction is just behind the foreplay, debugging and testing and other work.

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