opened the door to the concept of group purchase from Groupon, the Internet society theory has gradually been confirmed, but the electronic commerce as the main force in the development of the Internet, from the early simple pure sales model to the course of today only a few years of popular group purchase, but also fully demonstrates the development trend of the Internet is more comprehensive into the social life. From the current development trend of view, group purchase mode as the milepost of the development of electronic commerce, this more closely into the social life will become one of the mainstream trend, China market almost 3000 of the group purchase website have competition status is the best proof.

on the other hand, group purchase site is also experiencing a huge change, especially after the early survival and development stage, the group purchase website is welcome the in-depth development stage, which officially bid farewell to the traditional age alone.

group purchase mode change, one era is ending

from the previous development point of view, the traditional mode of group purchase does not fully comply with the rules of the development of the Internet, in such conditions, deep into the core of cooperative mode is becoming the first choice of many group purchase business. This group of merchants to cooperate with each other in the model, in addition to the advantage of the advantages of resources between the group to buy the site to play outside, but also to maximize the quality of service, the user experience can be directly increased consumption.

This is

in the description, the traditional development mode of group purchase website permeated with "personal heroism era or the end of mutual cooperation between the group purchase website and group purchase platform is becoming a new trend. In such a situation, based on mutual advantage between the group purchase website complementary resources so as to realize the content and improve the quality of service, will make the cooperation group purchase website has become the mainstream, but solely rely on traditional group purchase website itself achieve information collection, sales channels, mode of operation, customer communication and so on a hodgepodge of service mode is dying.

the significance of this model is that the site can be used to maximize their own advantages, and they are not good at the place can be achieved by the help of the platform to buy a replacement. For example, in terms of traffic promotion is not good at the manufacturers, with the help of partners to get huge traffic, and they can be more specific to play their own advantages.

has such characteristics in the market at present has been confirmed; the latest data show that after the cooperation of F group and QQ group purchase group purchase platform, QQ platform for the F group with large flow past the last month of the transaction amount easily exceeded 20 million, accounting for the total sales of more than 50% months than the weight (details please search for media reports).

therefore, the current situation, mode of cooperation group purchase to bid farewell to itself alone era, is gradually becoming a reality.

buy platform to meet the practical needs of the

F group and QQ group platform to buy the case has become

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