this week the upcoming Mid Autumn Festival and the mid autumn day on the occasion of National Day,, Jingdong, Suning, Gome four business overlord will expand hard struggle before a few times can be said that the outcome is not divided, and in this I want to double the outcome should be announced, and from several users attention the degree and the degree of conversion: the price is not the only means to win, more important is honesty and service.

said Jingdong and Suning, more people think this is the price, I bought a mobile phone, first in the Jingdong at the price is 1699 yuan, to Suning price is 1699 yuan, can be said that the two store prices are almost, if you are a user you will choose to buy in any mall? Finally I chose to feel better and more thoughtful service users to comment on the website to buy, here is not to specify where to buy. From which we can see: respect for the user experience of the site is often able to get more user support.

Mid Autumn Festival and national day is approaching, the double is approaching for the ordinary family to add a lot of joy, most families will choose to purchase some household appliances and daily necessities in this season, and, Jingdong, mall, Gome has become the majority of Internet users to choose, then the four dominant to want to get the final victory is on price? I am sure that the price is only a small reference factor, the key is the outcome of four dominant integrity treat users, service user. was able to rise, by what is convenient, and many shopping products, this is a kind of special service, assuming that the does not support the seller’s cooperation with the courier company, this website can develop so fast? Certainly not, because of some special the rise of services to create, is born at the same time with the electricity supplier website and eBay, but now the electricity supplier website has gradually faded out from the users perspective, compared with is the lack of a ground service.

of the four electricity supplier website to obtain the final victory depends on publicity and authenticity and the quality of goods, through several times before the Jingdong mall and Suning Appliance competition, many consumers also have their own standards, I believe that these consumers are also a reference factor of the war pay attention to publicity, authenticity and quality of goods website will occupy the dominant position in this war in peacetime activities, this is a genuine user accumulation degree, there is a living example of reality in the Diaoyu Island incident, why don’t people broke out flat, this is because the difference of a critical point this battle is the same, the user is not broke, is a critical point, and the arrival of the double festival is a very good one critical point.

service users will also be an important factor in the war, in the usual shopping consumers more or less by some cold, but this time the electricity supplier war if you do that, I don’t think many users will want to.

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