pay 50 thousand yuan deposit, will be able to catch up with the Alibaba double in the same day online grab car, but also the electric car tesla.

First Financial Daily reporters learned yesterday from the Alibaba, this year’s double eleven will be the first online selling cars, cooperative business is the world’s leading electric car brand tesla. It is understood that Tmall will become the domestic third party sales platform outside the first official website of the Tesla car sales model.

noon yesterday, Tesla official also announced the news. Tesla vice president of global Wu Bixuan said, Tesla is the first electric car company to complete the sales process on the Internet, this time in cooperation with Tmall, from the brand, marketing and sales is a new attempt, looking forward to the cooperation brings new experience for consumers Chinese Car Buying online.

Ali, according to the terms of the double eleven day of sale on the Internet is now limited Tesla models ModelS, the user temporarily through the balance of treasure freeze 50 thousand yuan deposit, you can grab the car online. In Beijing, Shanghai, following Hangzhou, Chengdu, Shenzhen 5 Tesla network payment, will enjoy in 5 days after the car service, and this will end after users buy Tesla after waiting to take the keys be quite different.

reporter learned from Ali, the sale of Tesla car, free of charge to the buyer to install charging pile. But the two sides did not disclose the number of the car is expected to double eleven "period.

in addition, Tesla derivatives will also sync settled Tmall, exclusive first. It is reported that this includes Tesla’s clothes, hats, purses, kits, cups, blankets and other u.s.. The user can also drive in the Tmall Tesla test appointment.

for the cooperation between the two sides, one of the electricity business people told reporters that the two sides can be described as a congenial, Alibaba listed in the world caused a sensation effect, Tmall "double eleven" last year sales of 35 billion yuan to expand online marketing channels Tesla saw the opportunity, and with the help of Chinese users familiar with Tmall platform to develop China market; and Ali is lifting platform with Tesla brand fashion sense.

it is understood that the cooperation between the two sides began in April this year, when Alipay is Tesla Chinese provide payment channel online booking. September, Ali Department of high moral map for Tesla charging pile POI information on the Internet map. This will be extended to the sales link.

for this cooperation, Wang Yulei said: "Silicon Valley uphold the spirit of the Tesla is the most innovative thinking of the Internet car brand, Tmall is the most fashionable business platform, the two sides will work together to experience the innovation of auto + online shopping mode. Tesla will be found on the Tmall platform more temperament potential target customers, and more intends to use the Internet channel sales of high-end car brands will also be inspired by the ‘sales + service’ paradigm."

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