Beijing on July 19th news, according to foreign media reports, or at least should be innovation is an important attribute of deeply rooted in tech start-ups in DNA. But as a founder, if your employees have to work 18 hours a day, then you have to ask him or her to play their own innovation, it will be very challenging. The following is given to the founders of the company to inspire staff enthusiasm for innovation 7 constructive suggestions:

1 set an example. An innovative enterprise needs to start from the founders and executives. Even the most creative founders can not rely solely on their own strength to promote innovation, it needs someone to lead. Tell your employees what they are doing (not just verbally), and make it a part of your everyday life, and let employees know that you value the value of innovation.

2 recognize the target. Innovation is not going to happen. Each team member should be aware of the company’s business goals and objectives for each development phase. This will allow them to understand what is the focus and which areas may benefit from fresh ideas.

3 offers rewards. As a startup, you don’t have a lot of cash on hand, but you can still reward your creative team in other ways. For example, public recognition, bonuses, paid vacation or promotion is a very good way to recognize innovative employees. Even if the employee’s innovation does not work, as a business owner, you should also let the public know that you are very grateful for the efforts of the staff in innovation.

4 to create innovation in the job description. Put it into the evaluation process, that is, employees can get rewards for innovation, while other employees need to actively seek innovation. This should apply to every employee of the company from customer service to engineering supervisor. Not every employee is able to provide constructive advice for the company’s business model, but they can reflect on their work, to provide valuable advice.

5 regular hacking day activities. Learn Google’s famous 20% project, which allows employees to spend one day a week, about 20% of the time outside the work activities. Companies can make a day a week or a month to carry out a regular hacker day activities, employees can explore their own interest in things, in the free time to produce unlimited creativity.

6 carefully consider the ideas put forward by employees. If the employee has not been proposed creative attention, seriously consider is rejected, or worse by employers and ridicule, so innovation and enthusiasm of the staff will not continue. If the employer and the employee are friends, they will hurt each other’s feelings. Can develop a system to obtain employee creativity, to ensure that the idea of innovation will not disappear in the black hole. Listen carefully to each employee’s creativity and respect, and make sure that other employees follow the same attitude.

7 execution. Although this is obvious, many innovative projects tend to stay on the lips

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