is now the most fashionable concept, through the integration of resources online O2O offline, and the use of two-dimensional code, payment, map and other new technology tools, to provide more convenient and personalized experiences and services for users, to achieve two-way exchange of value and resources to get through…… Well, Ms. Zhang, who lives in Taiyuan Xiaodian District do not understand these, she has only two things to buy things: cheap + convenient.

Two days ago I heard

, home near the Tang Long convenience store launched a mall and Jingdong cooperation, that is to say the Tang Long convenience store to the Jingdong, Ms. Zhang can sit at home, open the computer orders, convenience stores can be sent home to daily necessaries. Coincidentally, the 12 year old son to buy snacks, Ms. Zhang also want to pursue my own son series, and orders. An hour later, sent his son to buy snacks, at the end of the day, Ms. Zhang dumbfounded.

A bottle of

convenience store sent oh Yanjin olive (230 grams) the price is 11.9 yuan, plus 5 yuan freight, the total price is 16.9 yuan, while in the convenience store, this bottle of olive price is 15.5 yuan, in the same business shop, the price is 8.8 yuan, or two bottles shipping. Ms. Zhang also often in a shop to buy his son a snack, although the delivery is not so fast, but this thing is not so anxious snacks will be used, in general, can also be sent to the next day. Ms. Zhang felt that in the Jingdong to buy snacks, a bottle of health than the line under the 1.4 yuan, but also for an hour, it is better to call his son to go to the convenience store to buy, back and forth less than 20 minutes…… She decided not to go shopping at the convenience store.

According to the Jingdong’s

propaganda that cooperation between Jingdong and Taiyuan Tang Long convenience stores, through their respective advantages of complementary resources, and deep integration of resources, re define the O2O service rules and mode, to achieve a win-win situation for both online and offline and continuous business forms. In terms of cooperation with the parties concerned, O2O let Tang Long convenience store has become a ‘do not go down the store’, but also to the Jingdong to complete the one kilometer living service circle coverage.

did not say first "concept of a km life service circle, said Taiyuan Tang Long convenience stores as a regional retail chain enterprises, has more than and 600 stores, has covered the complete line sales, all stratospheric distribution system, central kitchen and various forms of service network of the old line convenience store chain why take the new channel business, the rapid development of the business but let them find an urgent demand using the Internet means to broaden the existing convenience store sales category full channel sales road. Years of rising operating costs and forcing it to "on-line" one of the main reason, according to statistics, in 2012 the domestic retail enterprises rent costs rose an average of 21%, labor costs rose 20%, electricity costs rose 16%, considering the cost of the Internet business more and more pressure line, and small and medium-sized business entities faced the electricity supplier of the threshold and the traffic the acquisition cost also had a great imagination, and mature business enterprises.

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