Group founder, Mr. Wang Xing CEO guest NetEase finance. Wang Xing graduated from Tsinghua University. The famous website was founded the school, at home, no meal etc..

in the past 20 years, China has been from the computer and mobile phones as the representative of the baptism of the two wave of information, and now, China’s Internet penetration has just reached 20%. In 2010 second in twenty-first Century 10 years, the deep changes of the times, the information revolution gave such a group of people the opportunity, these are not known for its founder wealth upstart, but they created the service, the genuineness of modern Chinese lifestyle change. This generation of entrepreneurs distinctive characteristics: bear high pressure, hard work, creativity, tolerance, good at learning, modest, confident public conscience. Let us stand on their shoulders, looked up to see the change of click into place.

NetEase Finance: now the United States is that you jump from SNS to e-commerce, why did not want to do SNS?

Wang Xing: Yes, that is, the United States should be regarded as the SNS, or social, social networking and e-commerce combination.

school, happy, it is SNS, but it is a social platform, it is mainly influenced people to obtain the information with the communication through the social networking platform, then the platform will also affect the social entertainment, such as stealing food is very typical.

and then another aspect, social and social platform it will affect other things, in addition to entertainment, as well as the impact of business. I think the United States is a social platform with the combination of e-commerce. Although we do not do SNS, but the United States is relying on a variety of social media news media, social networks to drive the traditional, is the traditional word of mouth.

NetEase finance. What do you do before these three sites, what do you have to do to help the United States, what experience gained in this?

Wang Xing: I can only say that, in fact, the most important thing is the subtle influence of the language can not be simply summarized. If you have to use the language to sum up, I just want to do these things with user needs.

NetEase finance and Economics: how to say?

Wang Xing: Well, just like the U.S. group, since the us from March 4th on the line, although I think we have a lot of places do not perfect, but stumbling, because the market there is very large, the user demand is very strong, so we developed very fast. Instead of entering a market where you don’t have a strong demand, you can be smart and try again.

NetEase Finance: you will feel when you start, will think of a good point, but it was not very strong, very long, you do this thing now is the U.S. group, the robust

some tricks?

Wang Xing: we have been learning, has been improving. Because entrepreneurship can have different problems, such as this

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