every year, double eleven is the bayonet fighting war, Tmall, Jingdong, Dangdang turns into a price war to fight awfully. In previous years, the double eleven is almost synonymous with "discount", Ali Tmall set the tone, Dangdang, the Jingdong to follow suit, but this year there is a new weather, have played a different card.

has just changed the subject, put forward the "dare Dangdang" new slogan, "Dangdang new monkey" image of Dangdang, the 15 anniversary of the hit "row 15 days" shocking slogan, words and stressed that the two eleven "more than 50 percent off, more than one day, apparently to use a new play again the definition of double eleven. An electricity supplier industry "monkey, cat and dog" war is open, "Dangdang monkey" make Jingdong and Tmall, reminiscent of the monkey king havoc feat.


Dangdang wantonly into the double eleven

eleven on the eve of World War II, Dangdang replaced logo and slogan, to upgrade the brand, announced a dare daring red cartoon monkey – dangdang. In micro-blog, WeChat circle of friends and other social platforms designed, I’m afraid of XX, but I dare XX personalized manifesto poster, once on the social platform sparked crazy forwarding and sharing. This series of actions is to seize the initiative in this year’s double eleven war.

Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing said: "the move and change is Dangdang initiative to change the values of the times and adapt to the demand characteristics of the consumer, with the characteristics of chasing the dream, personal independence of conduct consistent. When the monkey represents image interpretation of young people, fearless, dashing daring heart." New cartoon characters — when the monkey monkey king, the four word slogan has been turned out, many users believe that this year’s double eleven, to start a worthy of the name "monkey cat dog" war. Put on a bold Challenger born with temperament coat, with Dangdang trying to challenge Jingdong, Ali Tmall blocked a havoc intention.

Dangdang brand layer behind the young consumers to move closer, in fact, is also a series of actions designed Dangdang eleven. The industry said, the past is the electricity supplier price driven era, the future of the electricity supplier is not just cheap, but also be closely linked with fashion, personalized, fully understand the mysteries of the war in the future to grasp the opportunity.

more than 50 percent off, not just one day

in the double eleven is Tmall home court, Jingdong, Dangdang and other peripheral counterparts can only follow the trend, but this time, the Tmall grab the limelight for dangdang. It is reported that when the double eleven spree will be divided into three waves.

the first stage is from October 28th to November 3rd, a heavy book the first bomb, this is Dangdang home turf, the first attack of nature more violent, including "VIP exclusive discount on the whole book 15% off", but also to non VIP members to provide rapid promotion channel, in this period, clothing and department stores will have small >

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