A domain name registration applicant must be a government organ and its subordinate institutions, the nature of the unit shall be a legal person, legal person or other relevant institutions. Enterprise legal persons or legal persons can not apply for gov.cn domain name. Foreign government agencies and their offices within the territory of China can not apply for Gov domain name.

two domain name registration applicants are required to produce the copy of organization code certificate (a type of unit name and organization code, code card and IC card has the same effect).

1 institutions should show business legal person code certificate (or certificate of organization code, organization type: the cause of legal persons in the cause of the cause of illegal non legal person)

3 other government agencies should show the organization code certificate, organization type: other institutions

4 if the applicant fails to provide code certificate:

three name of the applicant, the name on the official seal of the registration documents and in accordance with the law (code name certificate) should be consistent. If the code card and the seal on the name of the unit does not match, should issue the corresponding proof material, according to the following conditions:

four for unit type for the legal authority, can be directly registered. Apply for the type of legal entity or other institutions, the need for approval to register. The authority to approve the domain name is as follows:

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